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Progettazione e Realizzazione Meridiane e Orologi Solari

Bartolini Simone - Gnomonista in Firenze

Every house reflects the personality of the owner: according to our own capabilities, each of us tries to give our house a unique character in order to distinguish it from all the others.
The outer wall of a house, usually anonymous and uniform, can be an excellent place on which one can achieve a particularly personal note: a SUNDIAL.
A Sundial can be built within a garden with the purpose to be both an hour indicator and a decorative element. Or even, one can build a MERIDIAN LINE on the ceiling of a room allowing the sun light to pass through a little mirror placed on the window sill.
A SUNDIAL indicates the hour with the precision of a couple of minutes and has an ever different shape and an appearance, depending on the preferences of the customer, who can personalize it as far as the decorative, frame and inscriptions elements are concerned.
Orologio Solare a Casignano
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